Foresight Through Deep Insights.

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About Us

We exist to solve hairy business problems through applied design methodologies.

Our user-centric, outside-in approach ensures that we have a well- supported and objective perspective that brings our clients great clarity through validation and unbiased expertise.

For our clients, we deliver deep insights through research, then apply those insights through prototyped solutions. Our insights and recommendations inform client strategies. Our prototyping helps bring those recommendations and strategies to life in a way that can be seen and felt by our clients and their key stakeholders.

We’re a team of strategists, researchers and experience designers

We help you uncover your business’ critical truths then follow through on helping you apply those through strategy and design.

Problems, tools and methods change. Our philosophy will not.

What We Do

pinpoint is strategic
Strategic Improvements

You are seeking a holistic view of the entire journey of your customers, members, partners or employees are on with you. We develop outside-in perspectives that creates a narrative about the experience people have with you.

pinpoint is Researching New Markets
Researching New Markets + Growth

What’s next for your organization? You are looking for answers. We use research methods (Ethnographic research, contextual inquiry, audience interviews, workshops and surveys) to uncover insights. We ask the right questions of the right people, and show you what we learned about you, your audience, where you can go next and how to get there.

pinpoint Avoids Commoditization
Avoiding Commoditization

Is your offering becoming a competition on price? Using methods like Service Design and Experience Design, we help organizations understand how to create experiences for engagement that differentiate your offerings from your competitors by working with target markets to define goals and needs and creating conceptual models to crystallize thinking.

pinpoint is Creating An Innovative Culture
Creating An Innovative Culture

Ultimately, to sustain your competitive advantage you have to foster a creative culture that knows when and how to innovate, pivot, create and destroy. We help companies and institutions build an organization that understands the levers to stay ahead of your competition, from the C-Suite to the Line-level.

pinpoint is Designing New Solutions
Designing New Solutions

Once we have the right user or customer insight - We can tap any of these design methodologies to quickly get you on the right track: Service Design, Organizational Design, Business Design, Experience Design, Interaction Design, and Visual Design are all part of our toolbox.

pinpoint has many skills

What's In Our Toolbox?

  • affinity diagramming
  • analytics analysis
  • backcasting
  • card sorts
  • change pathing
  • co-designing
  • conceptual modeling
  • content strategy
  • context mapping
  • contextual inquiry
  • customer journey mapping
  • design strategy
  • design thinking
  • digital ethnography
  • ecosystem visualization
  • ethnography
  • experience mapping
  • frameworks
  • future telling
  • heuristic analysis
  • innovation planning
  • insight gathering
  • janus cones development
  • kano analysis
  • laddering
  • mental modeling
  • need identification
  • personas
  • process flows
  • product roadmapping
  • progression curving
  • prototyping
  • scenario planning
  • secondary research
  • service design
  • site mapping
  • storyboarding
  • strategic planning
  • surveying
  • tangible futures
  • task analysis
  • taxonomy
  • user interviewing
  • user scenario development
  • visual frameworks
  • whitespace identification
  • wireframing
  • workshop facilitation

Example Clients

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Pinpoint Client Standford
Pinpoint Client Nike
Pinpoint Client NIH
Pinpoint Client Cisco
Pinpoint Client Army
Pinpoint Client Cisco
Pinpoint Client FEI
Pinpoint Client National Guard
Pinpoint Client Providence
Pinpoint Client Cambia
Pinpoint Client Lattice

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